Maritime Cluster Northern Germany



Cluster Manager –  Dr. Niko von Bosse

International Project Management – Dr. Katja Josteit

Public Relation – Sybill Brechtel

Cluster Assistant – Hannah Puck

Hamburg Office

Stephan Piworus, Hamburg Office Manager

Jessica Werner, Hamburg Projectmanager

Niedersachsen Office

Lena Kohlmorgen, Niedersachsen Office Manager

Dörthe Perbandt, Niedersachsen Projectmanager

Schleswig-Holstein Office

Heino Schadwald, Schleswig-Holstein Office Manager

Martina Baum, Schleswig-Holstein Projectmanager


Our aim is to strengthen the competitiveness of the maritime economy in Northern Germany more effectively than before by expanding existing networks and collaborations beyond state borders and through regional projects.

Our goals:

·         Strengthening the competitiveness of our businesses in regional and international markets

·         Increasing the region’s net value added

·         Safeguarding and creating future-proof jobs

·         Promoting the transfer of technology between the academic and business communities

·         Developing innovative projects

·         Cooperating with other clusters

·         Looking after our member companies


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Maritime Cluster Northern Germany

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