Finnish Maritime Cluster Programme


Programme Director Mervi Pitkänen

Strategic focus areas

The strategy of the Maritime Cluster Programme is to promote development, training and applied research in the maritime industry, shipping and related business, and to improve the visibility of the maritime cluster.

The strategic steps of the Maritime Cluster Programme are:

Promoting the creation of innovative products and services

The Maritime Cluster Programme focuses on activating the R&D operations of businesses and on measures that encourage enterprise growth. Networks are of major significance to the cluster’s operations. A special characteristic of project activities within the industry is networked operations, through which the cluster is reinforcing networked companies’ competence, research and product development. The various parts of the maritime cluster and other sectors are being encouraged and stimulated to cooperate in R&D with the maritime industry, in order to reinforce the cluster’s value chains and for the more effective implementation, commercialisation and utilisation of Finnish innovations throughout the cluster.

Promoting the growth of companies and networks, and the generation of new business

The aim is to maintain and increase development activity within companies. The maritime cluster surveys and identifies growth opportunities within shared value chains and junctures between sectors. It is also making the preparations required to maintain the conditions for competitiveness as the economy recovers. Using company-specific business analyses, a major aim is to provide companies with a clear picture of their development potential.

Promoting the internationalisation of companies

The Maritime Cluster Programme coaches companies in adopting an international perspective and analysing their potential for operating in the international market. The national operations of the programme’s centres of expertise, regions and cluster reinforce the nationwide networking of businesses and experts in the most strategic areas.


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