European Network of Maritime Clusters


Chairman – Francis Vallat

Vice-Chairman – Fabrice Maire

Secretary-General – Paul Marceul

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The European Network of Maritime Clusters is a loose confederation of Clusters or equivalent structures. It has to be understood as a best practices dissemination and exchange platform through the website,, informal talks and an annual summit during which each country gives a brief presentation of the economic situation of its maritime sector and the recent actions of its national organization. The aim is to establish a framework for future common targeted actions.


All of the member organizations are, or tend to be, cross-industry organizations gathering all or part of the maritime subsectors of their countries. The type of each national Cluster varies, with some being almost state-controlled or purely private-owned or being an intermediate mix. Some Clusters include inland navigation and or logistic sectors, port industries, coastal tourism, insurance and finance in their scope; others do not.

Up to now, we are not the European Maritime Cluster but we could grow into in a few years, provided all Clusters have reached a harmonized level of development. However from ten countries at the beginning in 2005, the ENMC was continuously extending its membership and geographical coverage.

ENMC Luxmbourg Maritime Day and meeting with Karmenu Vella 2016-05-03

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European Network of Maritime Clusters

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