Maritime Council of the Pomeranian Smart Specialization meeting

The meeting of the Maritime Council of smart specialization of Pomerania took place in STARTER on October 15, 2018. The participants discussed the main directions and activities of enterprises, universities and research institutes. It is agreed that the main areas of activity will not be undone. The areas of innovation in the maritime economy were presented by Marek Grzybowski, president of the board of BALTIC SAE and SPACE CLUSTER, talking about the integration of marine industries, ICT and space technologies, stressing the threat of cyber attacks. 


On the basis of reports from EY and McKinsey on future development trends, attention was drawn to Dr. Tomasz Szymczak, President of STARTER. In the near future, the supply of ready-made goods on the market may decrease to 30% of the present volume, Szymczak said, noting that many professions will disappear within 30 years. Many products will be produced by 3D printers, and data transmission in the 5G system will speed up the exchange of information. Therefore, we should concretize the agreement between the Maritime Intelligent Specialization of Pomerania and the Marshall of the Pomeranian Voivodship suggested Dr. Erenst Czermański, an expert conducting the conference. It is necessary to focus on the development of research and development works carried out jointly by enterprises and universities – emphasized Karolina Lipińska, deputy director of the DEPARTMENT DEPARTMENT FOR DEVELOPMENT OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION. Universities very slowly respond to problems reported by entrepreneurs, and their solutions are very expensive – said Zbigniew Zienowicz, president of the innovative company HYDROMEGA. Companies create innovative solutions and products faster and cheaper than universities. It is necessary to create a platform for the exchange of information as soon as possible, emphasized Grzybowski. A platform for information exchange and knowledge transfer will be built – agreed participants of the meeting. Fot. Marek Grzybowski