Logisfera FI – new member of the Baltic Sea & Space Cluster

Logisfera FI is a specialized expert company that has been successfully supporting Enterprises in limiting the risk of financial losses from various types of internal and external frauds since 2012. The company’s clients are, among others, 22 Polish insurance companies, manufacturing plants and service companies from all over the country.

The Logisfera’s FI 100-person team consists of experienced analysts, experts, IT specialists, lawyers and detectives. Their competences and experience provide a guarantee of effective implementation of tasks. The goal of Logisfera FI is to identify and counteract factors that threaten the operations of the Enterprise. The company’s services are designed to strengthen the security of enterprises in the areas of:

1)            IT security and cybercrime counteracting,

2)            internal security (personnel loyalty).

Services dedicated to support cyber security reveal and reduce the threat of attacks and control loss over the Enterprise’s IT infrastructure and software. Doing so, they enhance the security of the processed data and minimize possible financial and image losses.

Services strengthening the internal security of enterprises limit the risks associated with recruitment and human resources management, minimizing the risks associated with dishonest competition and the outflow of confidential information.