3rd SOUTH COAST BALTIC Marina Quality Forum

The conference was held in Gdańsk, 15 May 2018. The meeting was attended by experts, marina managers, yacht operators and representatives of business and administration. South Coast Baltic Project is focused for establishing durable cross-border boating destination management on the basis of the Marriage cooperation network – informed Grzegorz Walczukiewicz, Director, Association of Towns and Sea Communes.

The Southern Baltic is a large area: from Rügen, through the Polish Coast, to Kaliningrad, Lithuania and the Kuroński Lagoon – says Jens Masuch, South Coast Baltic project manager and informed that  Bornholm has joined the project. It is very important because it is a very good destination for sailors. The Southern Baltic region gives the opportunity to spend 3-week holidays at sea with a wide range of tourist attractions.  Presentation about South Coast Baltic Project activities had Marta Czarnecka-Gallas project coordinator. She informed that Polish marinas and yacht ports are not more and more famous places in sailors’ environment. Rafał Wasil from Pomorskie  Wojevodship reported that 10 operators of charter companies operate on the Żuławy Loop, just houses on the houseboating barge, with a total of 37 yachts. On this map of ports and marinas will appear objects in Korzeniewo, Wiślinka, the extension of the marina in Błotnik, also Krynica Morska. He stressed that in the last 5 years, the Żuławy Loop has been visited by 500,000 people. sailors and water sportsmen, of which last year 200 thousand.

The Żuławy Loop is a 303 km long waterway connecting the following water routes: Vistula, Martwa Wisła, Szkarpawa, Wisła Królewiecka, Nogat, Wisła Śmiała, Wielka Świętej – Tuga, Motława, Jagielloński Channel, Elbląg and Pasłęka rivers and the waters of the Vistula Lagoon. It is also part of the International Waterway E70, running from Rotterdam, through the Berlin node of inland waterways and northern Poland to Kaliningrad, and then the waterway of the Nemunas (Pregoła and Dejma to Klaipeda) – informed Michał Górski, President of the Board, The Żuławy Loop Ltd.

How to use the marina management software to optimize the port’s operability were said Frank Schmidt and Fenja Saathoff, Nature Harbour Krummin / GuG Computer GmbH. Björn Gabler z GA-MA Consulting he said that on the basis of research, a very important challenge faced by marinas is to adapt them to the use of water sportsmen over 60 years of age.

The aim of the 3rd International Forum „Marina Quality Forum” was to integrate managers of marinas and sailors, solving the current problems faced by operators of marinas and sailors engaging in water tourism in the South Baltic region. The Polish Marine Cluster declared the support of project participants in the promotion of sea routes of the South Baltic coast on the international arena.

One  of the main activities in the project is the organization of yacht cruises Gdańsk-Kaliningrad-Klaipeda – informed Marta Czarnecka-Gallas. This year, 25 boats are already registered. The cruise starts on June 23 in Gdansk and ends on June 29 in Klaipeda. On June 25, participants of the expedition will be able to see the match played in the 2018 World Cup in Kaliningrad. There are still vacancies. Photo: Marek Grzybowski